Changing the Apache Root WWW Directory in WAMP Server

Changing the Apache root www directory in WAMP Server. In this tutorial I will cover how to change the default www directory that Apache looks in to serve your files, to some other folder on your harddrive.


Customising The Command Prompt In Mac OS X Terminal

In todays video I will cover how to personalise the command prompt in Terminal on the Mac. I will show you how to make your .bash_profile, .bashrc and .bash_logout files so you can customise the command prompt to your particular taste.

How To Use Google+ A Beginners Guide – Part 4 The Stream

In this tutorial we will learn all about The Stream. The Google+ Stream is the main page that you are taken to when you log in to your Google+ account. The Stream is the place where you write your posts and interact with you friends, family and other circles. When you write a post and share with people your post will appear in their stream. In your Stream you will able to see posts from people who are in your circles. You will also be able to see posts from people who are trying to share with you but are not yet in your circles via Incoming, which we will cover in the third part of this tutorial. The Stream will be a big topic to cover so I will break The Stream up into Three tutorials. Continue reading

How To Use Google+ A Beginners Guide – Part 3 Circles

In this tutorial we will learn all about Circles. Google+ Circles allow you to sort all of the people who you are following into groups or circles, just as you do in the real world. For example in your day-to-day life you sort the people you know into these imaginary groups or circles. You will have family in one group, gym buddies in another, work colleagues in their own group and so on. You get the general idea. Google+ Circles allows you to do the same thing in your social networking life, for example you may want to share something personal with only your family and not your work colleagues and friends, well this is the whole idea behind Circles, so let’s get started. Continue reading

How To Use Google+ A Beginners Guide – Part 2 Setting Up Your Profile

Your profile is the way you represent yourself on Google products and across the web. In this Google+ tutorial we will be filling in our profile so friends and family can find us more easily. We will manage the information that people see, such as your bio, photos, videos etc. While your profile is public please note that only your name is required information. Your profile is about you, so you deserve to be in control of who can see that information. Let’s get started and I will show you how to set the various permissions on the information in your Google+ profile. Continue reading

How To Use Google+ A Beginners Guide – Part 1 Signing Up

Google+ is the new social network offering from Google. This guide will show you how to get up and running in simple steps so you can try it out for yourself. Over the next several posts we will explore all of the best features of Google+ including circles – the heart of the application, hangouts – chat with multiple friends via streaming video, and the stream – where you can view all the posts from people in your circles. So what are we waiting for, let’s get started! Continue reading